Talk: OOD with Ruby

The following talk is about Object Oriented Design in Ruby. I based it in the POODR book.

As usual, the slides alone can only give you a rough idea of what I talked about.

The structure of the talk was: first an introduction (“what do we mean by design”), then 3 parts that I liked about the book (responsibility, dependencies, messages) and then a conclusion.

This by no means should be considered a comprehensive presentation - on the contrary, the intention was for it to serve as an introduction. Some of the subjects I barely touched, if at all, where duck types, modules, and testing. If you liked my talk, I strongly recommend buying POODR and reading it from cover to cover.

Direct link to slides

I gave this talk twice in a short period of time:

This is the first time I repeat a talk, and I understand now why people do it. The second time was just better.

The talks where in Spanish, and both were taped. I will put them here when they are available.

EDIT: Here’s the video (warning: Spanish)

Direct link to video