Rebooting the blog with middleman

Some time ago, I created this space using octopress.

The experience was not pleasant:

Even if I didn’t publish much on this blog, I’ve used Jekyll quite often in the past - I used it almost for any static site that I needed to do. I’ve answered a significant amount of Jekyll-related questions in stackoverflow.

In the past this made sense: Jekyll was the best static site generator that I knew. But that is not the case any more.

Middleman is a modern static site generator that solves much of the pain points that came with Jekyll.

As a result, the folder layout of my middleman-based repo is much cleaner than the old octopress-based one. Creating posts is easier (they have less metadata). Publishing is easier too (very simple commands)

Since I know myself, I’ll probably end up adding a Rakefile to automate things a bit more, so that instead of using 2 commands to publish stuff I can do it with just one.

But for me, Jekyll is dead. Long life middleman.